Trauma Release Coaching

The Power Of Letting Go

Trauma Release is a modality of coaching which frees the soul of past trauma,

and creates an opportunity to build on infinite possibilities by reconditioning the mind using the building blocks of self acceptance, forgiveness and rebirth.

The beauty in trauma release coaching is the belief in the unknown, that dreams are possible.

They are not only set aside for a select few, although sometimes it may feel that way.

We are conditioned by our past to make us who we are today, but left without the tools to move beyond what was out of our control.

It is so easy to fall into patterns that hold us back from our greatness, and often, are not even aware they exist or there is any other option.

Throughout my life,

I have been told that my resilience inspired others,

which is what inspired me to build on a path of coaching, specifically around trauma.


Trauma is not always what you think

It is easy to overlook what has happened in your life and say,

 “I have not experienced trauma” 

when you do not know exactly what trauma is.

Trauma can be anything that you have not released from your past that is shifting your thoughts, impacting your decisions and holding you back from your purpose.

Trauma is often associated with a distressing experience such as sexual assault or other life altering experience

, the association of trauma in other aspects of our life which are far more common, are regularly overlooked.

I would go as far to say that I do not know a single person that has not experienced trauma.

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Trauma May Be…

In childhood
- the relationship with parents and siblings
Living up to the expectations of others
Dealing with rejection
Learning disability
Difficult breakup
Abusive relationship
Releasing ties of a narcissist relationship
Being judged because of personal beliefs or sexual identity
Reliving a past experience that has hindered you from your greatest potential
Society conditioning, feeling not enough

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Unregulated Trauma can be identified by showing up as:

Patterns in your life that you cannot get a handle on

Feelings of self doubt, that you are not enough, not worthy, not good enough

Feeling like you have to prove yourself

Struggling with communication

Protecting yourself and your heart, unable to fully receive love

Feeling like you need to please others

Feeling like you are not likeable

Settling for less, because you do not believe you can have more

Procrastination, lack of follow through (hint: you are NOT lazy)

Staying locked in your comfort zone

Today can be the day that you choose to change your perspective and take control of your life.

Today can be the day that you become the author of your own story and start writing something amazing.

Or it can just be another day – unfulfilling, uninspired, meaningless…

The choice is really yours.

Know this: I don’t say that lightly.
I’m not downplaying your struggles. They’re very real.

I’m not telling you to get over it and move on – it won’t happen overnight.

I’m just telling you that you are at a crossroads and it’s time to pick a direction to invest in for the benefit of your destiny.


Often, these are the things that are not being addressed, rather just being “dealt with”

The truth is, the effects can cause a lifelong history of regret and unfulfilled dreams

You’re aware that SOMETHING is keeping you stuck, you just aren’t sure what it is.

And you can’t break free from something you can’t identify.

William Shakespeare

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My life was far from the life I wanted. Far from making me feel happy and fulfilled. So I took a step back and decided it was time to change that.

That’s what I hope for you now.

I am here to help you make that shift, but only if you are ready.

You’re not after a “good enough” life.

You want a life that fulfils you, excites you, and lets you follow your dreams.

But lately, you’ve felt more like you’re hitting a glass ceiling – you just can’t seem to get to the next level you desperately crave.


Will you continue doing the same thing and produce the same results that you don’t want?
Or will you choose the new path and start Living your life intentionally on purpose?


Today is the day you can look up at the glass ceiling and let it know you’re coming for it,
I’m going to show you how with my proven 3 step process that is designed to
Let Go , Align & Re Focus Your Life

Let it Go

We’ll start with looking at where you have been. The ups and downs, challenges and achievements that brought you to where you are today, digging deep into my intuitive awareness to help identify any blocks you may be holding onto, customizing tools and techniques to overcome and release these challenges. We will work deeply within the soul to create peace from within allowing an open heart and mind providing the space for something more. In the end, we will find your gifts that have been gained through life’s obstacles.


We will look at where you are now and how your past may have influenced these areas to help you grow as well as how it has hold you back. At this stage, we will identify the day to day challenges you are facing while aligning your values and desires to support and overcome your fears .

Re Focus

You have the ability to start over at any time in your life, shift gears and recreate who and what you want to be. Together we will explore what your specific goals are in this stage of life while developing a strategic roadmap to get you there.. More often than not we will reinforce many of the strengths gained by your life lessons to prepare for hurdles along the way.


You’re aware that SOMETHING is keeping you stuck, you just aren’t sure what it is.

And you can’t break free from something you can’t identify.


Are you ready for the next level Success?

You want the next level… to start the next chapter of your life.
But you want it in a way that feels totally supportive, loving, and motivating so you finally make the progress you’ve been dreaming of.

You want a new beginning.
You are aching to step outside of your comfort zone.
You want to connect to a deeper purpose.
You are ready to explore what it out there, just beyond your reach.
You have a desire to open your heart.
You yearn to accept yourself, all parts of you.

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado
Image by Ava Sol

When we let go and let in, this is when we truly Begin to Live

I strongly believe if you do not work through what has been carried over from your past,

It will live in your subconscious and your goals for the future will be more challenging to achieve.

We need to become one with, accept and release our past, so we can embrace our future unapologetic-ally.

So often, we want the quick fix or short cut,

but it is not sustainable and often will result in returning to old habits or patterns.

Because my clients invest their time and patience in this process, time and time again they reap the benefits of lasting change.

The number one thing that clients will experience working with me,

is often I will intuitively address what you are NOT saying and do not even realise is what you need.

Intuitively I will see your challenges and understand them in a way that you had never considered,

bringing it all together.