Are You Ready to Fire Up your Soul Passion & Rediscover who you are ? 

free masterclass Nov 23rd 2021

For the Women Ready to Step into her Infinite Power  & Take Control of her destiny 

The number of times I hear women tell me that they lack of confidence and they get stuck not knowing what direction to go in due to not understanding what it is they want , what there passion & purpose is & What goals they want to achieve 

"More money , more sales & Clients , More security and peace , more stability and more self worth "

And all this emptiness  is because of past experiences  & trauma effects that they are still carrying with them, 

Keeping them trapped , and damaging to our souls

This is what keeps us procrastinating on taking the steps forward  to achieve desires 

Something so many of us can relate to. I know this for sure.  

When we have experienced challenging situations  and negative times it can not only impact,

but squash our ability to do the things we want to do in the way we want to do them. 

We carry the fear of it happening again

We carry shame or embarrassment.

We carry the words.

We carry the actions.

We carry the feelings.

We carry the memories.

We carry the pain.

And over time they weigh us down and they hold us back.

impacting how feel about ourselves and how we see ourselves.


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The problem really comes when the experiences stop you from building the life you desire.

They prevent you from showing up fully in your business.

They stop you from making the money you deserve.

They stop you from creating the relationships that set your soul on fire.

They stop you from loving yourself.

They stop you from taking opportunities.

They stop you from enjoying things fully. So life passes by & you settle or hide or both.

And you become frustrated.

"Why did that have to happen? Why can’t I just move past it? What is wrong with me? Is this just it forever? I may as well just give up. "

NO Lady! Stop right there 

Do not go down that rabbit hole. You will get Lost ... 

Im  here to tell you 

There is something you can do.

You can move.

The Free Masterclass is your door in to a new world 


Sign up to the free training & Lets Light that Fire ......

Your Soul is calling for New ideas , For New passion , a Injection of fun and flow and fully tuning into your aligning purpose

Day 1 - Unlocking your potential .. what is it that lights your heart up , what are your strengths & weaknesses .. Finding your passions , appreciation of love values & believing you can 

Day 2. - Understanding the contrasts , shifting your energy from need to desire , awakening , & creating the steps ... recognising your self worth 

Day 3- Working through what triggers that hold you back, and Empowering them to better you in future steps .. giving you freedom to make clear and positive moves 

with an added affirmations meditation for you to use & keep throughout the training 

Plus my facebook group for live updates and access to the masterclass & 24 hr support 

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 My Story

Hello ladies for those who don’t know me let me introduce myself ..

I am Vicki Lienna Self Empowerment coach & Confidence Mentor

I am 37 accredited coach & NLP master practitioner and have qualified in hypnotherapy & trauma alongside business training's

I am a mum of 4 beautiful girls & step mum to 2 amazing girls .. I love my dog my life & my business

Coffee & tattoo lover , rock n roll chick at heart .. I love Roast dinners , family walks , Sundays & my family is my world 🌎

My mission is to

Empower as many women to build their dreams ,find inner strength & confidence with self Empowerment to dream bigger & achieve emotional, financial & soul success

I am founder of the Inner Warrior Soul Empowerment group & Brand on fb

I run 3 successfully businesses

My life Coaching , Home Maintenance & face painting these are my passions 🖤

And I’ve grown them from scratch over the past 3 years ..

I can’t wait to get started & share with you ladies my knowledge my power & my strength

After struggling with my own confidence for many years & hitting breakdown point struggling with past traumas from such an early age , my mental health and victim mindset ..

I have suffered with childhood trauma ,bullying , leaving home & school at 14 , teenage pregnancy, late miscarriage , became a widow at 23 , A single parent , & having my own mental Health issues being diagnosed with PMDD

To name a few -

After 34 years I broke down and had no self worth , couldn’t look in the mirror , body dysphoria & I felt broken with no hope for the future who cried a lot 🤦‍♀️

I became a very weak lady who thought she was strong - (i was not strong I was a mess , defensive & full of anger & resentment against the world and self sabotage herself ) crying and breaking down daily

But in reality

It was having no confidence, no self worth , no identity & I was suffering with grief & abandonment issues , and trauma related problems

I was stuck in the story of my past , playing victim to the trauma & emotions that kept me trapped

I have speant the last 18 months rebuilding my love for me , my acceptance & my mindset

changing my self in many ways transforming my thinking , the empowerment

developing my own well being & skills to become a better person & design a life I absolutely love ❤️

I started my own transformation & healing journey with my own coach & started off a new venture

Learning to become strong from within and stand in my confidence

Going after my own achievements , pushing my limits and always being able to put me and my family first ,

I am still Growing & still Learning , and I am still healing in places

Transformation it’s a forever process u never stop learning


I want to give back and share the same techniques & learnings I have used to step up & level up my life

And become the person I am today .. THIS IS ME 🙌

And why I feel so much love for what I do , why I created my Inner Warrior brand and why it is So Important to me to teach

Empowerment Strength & Confidence

Knowing your Self worth , Capabilities & self determination!!

Changes your perception, changes your life

It really works !! It worked for me

Love and light always

Vicki Lienna 🖤


The fact that you are here tells me that those desires are burning inside of you,

We  just need to clear the way for you to uncover what that push is you need & where your heart is truly desiring to be 

So babe, I am glad that you are here! 

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”


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