Unleash Your Inner Warrior 

A 10 week  program for women to work alongside me to take back control of their past hod backs  & emotions to create an Inner warrior strength of empowerment to achieve New Goals and Strategy Plans  - Starting 2nd December 2020 

Discover . Empower. Align.

Align your Strength & Confidence and Empower your Inner Warrior 

Learn how you can Set boundaries & be affirm with decision making 

Increase your Low confidence.Taking Ownership with taking care of yourself

Overcome Feelings of past blocks that are keeping you stuck and fearful 

Find whats holding you back  and banish those blues of self doubt and un resourceful beliefs- Get rid of that doubting dragon thinking 

Own your shit.. Take full responsibility of your past and own that story become fully aware of your Soul Self.

Learn to let go of negative thinking and repeated negative circles your facing

Get focused and develop the Inner strength you need to build unstoppable resilience. 

Empower yourself ,your money and your Relationships with new strategy & Goal setting - Clear & Impactful 

In this 10 steps program you will gin maxim impact Results - see what others are saying below 

Its time to stop playing small & start focusing on your next Level of Confidence play the biggest game changer of your life 

You are the best Investment you will ever make  !!!!!!! 

Make the right moves 

Starting Dec 2nd via zoom 


Program Structure
Nlp Mastery , Life coaching Skills , Goal setting alongside Empowerment & Language skills

Week 1. Establish your passion - Your You - who you are 

Week 2.Whats holding you back & deep rooted blocks

Week 3. Believe you can and switch them limited beliefs 

Week 4. Exploring past mind conditioning, trauma & negative experiences with the lasting effects on the past

Week 5. How to train your Mind to challenge your thinking feel the fear

Week 6. Mindset Matters- break free and own your story

Week 7.  Introducing higher energy attraction . Align your soul 

Week 8. Self love & acceptance of you & Your self care fill that cup

Week 9. Unbreakable Confidence Goddess how to shine from the inside out 

Week 10. Stand proud in your INNER WARRIOR Strength


1.1 private session with me vicki lienna 

Private 1-1 Coaching is available for the same package if you would prefer to be more private just send me a message and we can discuss this more 

Whats Included

A welcome pack 

6 x 90 mins group sessions via zoom with recording 

Group training sessions , q&a & accountabality 

1-1 private session with me vicki lienna 

Workbook & downloads to work with

Facebook group & 24 hr support 


What my clients are Saying

couldn't recommend this enough vikki is amazing at what she does

i took part in this program and this course changed my life. it has helped me a lot to stand up and take notice of myself

and what exactly i wanted for my life .. i am know chasing my dreams sticking by boundaries and loving myself more 

you wouldn't recognise me 8 weeks later thank you vicki i loved this course energy and your kick ass self determination attitude 

ash leigh

Hi vic the course was amazing . it really give me a different mindset and helped me move forward ive had so much fun and met lots of amazing people through this experience thank you so much


Fantastic course ... exactly what i needed when i needed it ...

Vicki is really supportive and fantastic at what she does she has empathy for everyone and a energy that is fun but loving

i love her passion and the course made me feel upbeat empowered and happy

i am working my way through new directions  thanks to vicki

i would defiantly tell anyone to take this course and let vicki help them

such an Inspiration 


I took this course to help me with some confidence issues i was struggling with after lockdown. At first i was dubious and wasn't quite sure if this course would suit me but i decided to go ahead with it after speaking to vicki on the phone. Vicki was lovely to talk to she made me feel very at ease and offered a 45 min taster session  with me before hand. The course itself was very interesting , full of high energy and mixed with different ladies in age but all got along famously what a joy each week was ..At the end of the 8 weeks i was amazed to see the difference in my thinking and feel like i have myself back. I met some lovely ladies and im sure vici willgo on to be a success.



Investing In Yourself & Make the biggest change to Your Life By working with me to Become the Person you are capable of being !


About Me

Im Vicki-Lienna 

Fully accredited Self Empowerment coach & NLP Master Practitioner , Trauma Speacilist , CBT & CPTSD recovery trainer , Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy accredited,  Mum & Business owner 

I help women to regain confidence & Self worth to empower them to overcome past emotional trauma- to build an Inner warrior strength & Lead with soul led passion 

Inner warrior -Soul led Power 

I became a coach 12 months ago after hitting a down ward spiral in my life , This was a dark time and i lost all my self worth confidence e and got lost with who i was.

Over my Life i have dealt with many different traumatic events starting way back when i was a small child ive livid in my story and eventually it took its toll on me and i crashed and burnt 

coaching helped me explore deeper in to what was going on and what i hadn't actually recovered from ... What negative patterns were still showing up for me . My total belief system in myself and the trust in others . How mental illness was playing its part and the actions i was displaying to handle current situations going on in my life .. 

Through Coaching i totally transformed my mindset and with the help of deep nlp techniques i rest my perceptions and how i saw myself ...   I created a shift within me and discovered how to build myself back to the person i always was . 

I was no longer stuck , trapped and unhappy .. i stated to See me for all the beauty and goodness i had to give and realised there was more to life then being depressed only i could change it . 

what we believe & how we view things can cause damaging effects - from how we have viewed a world around us growing up but you get to decided  who you want to be and why would you choose anything less then happy & content 

who said you cant have dreams and big ideas and achieve them 

My mission is to help women to become more then the past - Show & Inspire a new direction to become more then what they feel inside . I Empower women to take back control and find their inner self warrior. 

Helping women build a new found confidence and self esteem to really set boundaries and discover self worth 

My passion to help other women to chase their goals and become the version of them they know they can be is powered by my own experiences and learning 

Grow through what you go through 

you are enough 

If you want things to be different  then only you can change them <3 

read my full story below 


“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare


Are You ready to make the best investment you can?


If you need to spread the cost over 3x payments


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