Unleash Your Inner Warrior (tm)

My 10 week Signature Soul Empowerment Program 

 Are you a women who is struggling with negative feelings and low self worth?

 Do you feel trapped , stuck & unsure about  the direction which your life or business is heading ?

 Are you lost in emotions & feelings caused from past situations that you are finding it difficult to let go from? 

 Well this program is specifically designed for you ladies to stand up take action and develop some Self Empowerment & Unstoppable Confidence ! 

Using the same formula  as i did !

I have poured all my Knowledge & Experience in to this incredible signature program to help you achieve the very thing that took my  just over 12 months to learn . Into a 10 week supported Coaching package with extra bonuses and Trainings 

So if ya thinking is this for me

then ......

This is for you if

 You have ever wanted to stand in your true Inner Warrior spirit  

Embrace & Feel 

More stronger Self Love & Self worth 

More resilient Inner Warrior strength

More Confidence & Self Belief 

More aligned Purpose & Passion 

More Self Determination

More Productivity , Motivation & Fulfilment to take action 

YOU CAN  & YOU WiLL Achieve all this and more by 

Working together with me over 1 the next 10 weeks to achieve a complete Change & Success with full embedded Soul  Empowerment !!

*By embodying a new found identity , Increased Confidence , Self worth  & Stronger more Powerful Beliefs 

*Discovering your Purpose & Passion release your Full Potential

 setting them in motion within your Life or Business Goals 

By letting go  of the past, re aligning with the present , and re focusing on the future 

Its time Raise the bar ,

Level up  Warrior Goddesss

Reach an Empowering Level of freedom 

Are you Ready ?

 To Invest &  commit to taking action and showing up in your unique kindness, Soul & Alignment -

To promise to do the Inner work & Create a more positive Impact on yourself ?

"She who Challenges Creates her own rules "

- Starting September 14th 2021

Let it Go. Re Align. Re focus

Its time to focus on your next Level of Confidence & Self determination 

Play the biggest game changer of your life .

You are the best Investment you will ever make  !!

Make the right moves & Become who you want to be. 

Achieve Everything you ever wanted and shine with Empowerment .

 All Sessions Via zoom or fb Messager  See course details below 


Program Structure
Nlp Mastery , Life coaching Skills , Goal setting alongside Empowerment & Language skills

Week 1. Establish your passion - Your You - Re discover who you are, Passion & purpose , Understand your strengths  & Weaknesses, Values Exercise , what you want in relation for your course structure.

Week 2. Become Aware of Whats holding you back - Challenge those deep rooted blocks & Explore How things can be done different, Self awareness is the foundation of confidence 

Week 3. Believe you can and switch them limited beliefs - Explore past mind Conditioning switch your thinking, Overcome fear and self doubt & empower your thoughts and negative talk 

Week 4. She shows Up - Vulnerability & self forgiveness - Deep dive into self understanding , forgiving yourself and others , break free of judgement and past emotions letting go

Week 5. Fill that Warrior Love -Self love & Self worth training. Your self care to fill that cup with a new found goddess power, How to love yourself more-

Week 6- Create a new goal orientation and blueprint for the coming months. Getting clear & specific on what you need to take action on, make firm decisions and set your boundaries. 

Week 7.  Introducing higher energy Power and a positive attitude. Align your soul with law of attraction and power of thoughts, Productivity , Using time management and organisation skills show up more in presence and motivation.

Week 8. Mindset Matters- break free, Change perspectives on your own stories , Start the new chapter . Level up with money mindset & Growth mindset to transform your empowerment & unleash your determination

Week 9. She Challenges -Unbreakable Confidence How how to shine from the inside out .. Learn how to speak your mind and follow your ideas.break free of rules and normality to craft your own life 

Week 10. Stand proud in your INNER WARRIOR Strength , Alignment & Confidence Empowerment  Graduation session 

recap & blueprint to take away 


Workbooks for each sessions , with recorded hypnotherapy  & Affirmations mantra to take away forever 

Whats Included

A welcome pack 

10 x 90 mins 1-1 sessions via zoom with recording 

Bonus 3 x Hypnotherapy

and 2 x Timeline sessions 

Private training sessions , q&a & accountability 

Workbook & downloads to work with

Free Journal prompts & Affirmations video

Facebook group & 24 hr support 


What my clients are Saying


couldn't recommend this enough vikki is amazing at what she does

i took part in this program and this course changed my life. it has helped me a lot to stand up and take notice of myself

and what exactly i wanted for my life .. i am know chasing my dreams sticking by boundaries and loving myself more 

you wouldn't recognise me 8 weeks later thank you vicki i loved this course energy and your kick ass self determination attitude 

ash leigh


About Me

Im Vicki-Lienna 

Fully accredited Self Empowerment coach & NLP Master Practitioner , Trauma Specialist , CBT & CPTSD recovery trainer , Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy accredited,  Mum & Business owner 

I help women to regain confidence & Self worth to empower them to overcome past emotional blocks- to build an Inner warrior strength & Create a life with soul Empowerment 

Inner warrior -Soul led Power 

I became a coach 18 months ago after hitting a down ward spiral in my life , This was a dark time and i lost all my self worth confidence.I was lost with who i was.

Over my Life i have dealt with many different traumatic events starting way back when i was a small child. I was a victim to my story and eventually it took its toll on me and i crashed and burnt. 

Coaching helped me explore deeper in to what was going on and what i hadn't actually recovered from ... What negative patterns were still showing up for me .

My total belief system in myself and the trust in others . How mental illness was playing its part and the actions & emotions,  i was continually displaying to handle current situations going on in my life .. 

Through Coaching i totally transformed my mindset and with the help of deep nlp techniques i reset my perceptions and how i saw myself ...   I created a shift within me and discovered how to build myself back to the person i was . 

Self Empowerment & Self Discovery 

I was no longer stuck , trapped and unhappy .. i stated to See me for all the beauty and goodness i had to give and realised there was more to life then being depressed , and low but only i could change it . 

What we believe & how we view things can cause damaging effects - from how we have viewed a world around us growing up but you get to decided  who you want to be and why would you choose anything less then happy & content 

who said you cant have dreams and big ideas and achieve them 

My mission is to help women to become more then the past - Show & Inspire a new direction to become more then what they feel inside . I Empower women to take back control and find their inner self warrior. 

Helping women build a new found confidence and self esteem to really set boundaries and discover self worth 

My passion to help other women to chase their goals and become the version of them they know they can be is powered by my own experiences and learning 

Grow through what you go through 

you are enough 

If you want things to be different  then only you can change them <3 

read my full story below 



Is this an instant training how long do you have to complete it ?

No this is a private 1.1 coaching program and it takes place once a week over 10 weeks with a  group celebration at the end of the course. You have life time access to the facebook group and course materials but the 1.1 sessions last 90 mins and run for the 10 weeks only 

What if i change my mind about the course.

I offer a 30 day back money guarantee but you have to of shown up and taken part to get this ..You have to put the work in yourself to achieve the results you want but if for any reason you dont like the course or are getting value then i am happy to give you your money back. 

There is a 24 hr cooling off period also 

 How does the course work ?

For the duration of the 10 weeks we will work together each week to pin point the weeks topic , using the power of thought provoking questions via coaching , Use different NLP therapies & Hypnotherapy techniques to dig deeper in to the sub-Consciouse  and work with what comes up i will also be using tools and exercises to achieve the results you need each week over the 10 weeks

Can I book an Intake Session?

On receipt of payment and enrolment you will receive  a thank you email and a time for a free 45 min activation session within 24 hrs of purchase to make sure we are a good fit and you fully understand the course coaching and therapies. To see if we are a good match , meet each other and discuss what you want to achieve

Do i have to re visit my past trauma and talk about it to you ? I Dont know whats blocking me ?

It is ok if you dont want to talk about anything you think may be to uncomfortable to talk about. We dont have to relive or visit the trauma at all .. Coaching is all about moving you forward not keeping you in the past it is different from counselling.  The course is designed to start on day 1 of your healing process as long as you understand the emotions and the feelings we can work forward. If you dont know whats holding you back or what limited beliefs are there its ok i am trained to work with you to uncover what these are and reframe how the effect you and what hold they have on you . Every step is a step forward with coaching

Still have more questions? Get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer them as soon as possible.


Are You ready to transform your life ? 

Take Control & Empower 

Unleash Your Inner Warrior 

Strength & Become Unstoppable 

When Confidence & Strength COLLIDE 

& Warrior Is BORN 

"She designed her own life she crafts her own Rules "

Together we can achieve


"Women don't need to wait for the power to be granted we already have everything we need "

Fire up that Soul Empowerment and let your Inner warrior take its Place 

Amazing Coaching , Amazing Transformation , Full accountability 

All this .....In A Jam packed Program

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“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare