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Power up hour - Impact Call

Something on your Mind?

We’ve have all been there. Something is eating at you. Something has happened that you weren't expecting - Are you in a state of shock or confusion, panic or worry 

Not Sure how this is effecting your emotions & behaviour 

You feel like your head is spinning.

You are overwhelmed.

You are confused.

You need support, and not sure where to turn.

You are not ready to share this with friends or family, or maybe you already have.

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“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”

Mark Twain

Chatbox of Love

Feelings of Disappointment  or Nobody really Understands 

Need to be Heard , Seen & Supported 

All you need is someone to help balance out the worries & Concerns 

Help you calm the internal chaos & Re gather your thoughts & feelings 

Give you A boost of energy , uplift your spirits & bounce ideas or barriers off 

Give you some clarity & piece of Mind 

walk away with clarity,  hope, and new direction.

You don’t expect to have all the answers, but if you could simply just feel like YES this is possible.  

And Give yourself permission to breath & compose 

Trust in Yourself, your decisions & Give you Faith 


Impact Power up call

During our 2 x 60 Minute Power Hour Sessions 

We can really drill down on whats bothering you & will focus on one particular area of your life  that has been weighing you down & Struggling to let go from 

It is important to note, these sessions are designed to be laser focused to help shift energy and emotion around a particular focal point.


Schedule Your Impact Call 

1 x 60 mins - Recognise & challenge the barrier with laser focus 

1 x 60 mins ( a few days later ) - to follow up , give extra support and reflection check 

I have been told by clients that after A 60 Minute Power Hour Session they felt:

  • Lighter

  • That they can finally breathe

  • They have gained so much clarity

  • They feel that they have more direction

  • They feel that they have options

  • They have regained hope


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