You are your magic wand !!

Updated: May 4, 2020

Looking for a short cut ? A quick fix or a magic wand ? Someone else to do it all for you?

Then let me tell you this

If your in a rush to get to the end results then you will miss the beauty of seeing the growing ....

It takes time to grow something beautiful and new , think of a flower that blooms in summer but dulls in the winter

The transformation in to something beautiful that is flourishing at its best

It takes consistency, effort , change , focus and an 100% commitment to yourself

A lot of people aren’t prepared to play the waiting game and really put the deeper work in , they want the results like yesterday..

A lot of people aren’t prepared to get into the process, the stripping back of deeper thoughts , re defining who they really are

.. what they want and believe

this can be challenging, resistance uncertainty in to the unknown

Or be brave enough to take on the source of what’s holding them back and healing

The women I have coached and worked with lately ...

Have been so incredibly brave

I am so proud of them

They have took a step in to the unknown shown up to themselves even when they felt it was tough , been held accountable for their action and had to put in hard work thats required

And the results they get are there own by sheer hard work manifesting and truth

from what the truly desire ..

But I’ll share the bravest thing they did ,, was simply say


And like a flower that spuds it’s growth that transformation started to happen, wanting to flourish brighter then before

Recognise.... Change is a process

There is no magic wand there is only you !!!

And nothing will work unless you DO

Are you ready ?

#change #anxiety

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