HEY COACH , what about you ?

Updated: May 4, 2020

Oh hey ... If your new around here then I wanted to say hello 👋

I’m Vicki ... a Mum of 4 beautiful girls & my 2 beautiful step daughters... My absolute complete 🌍 My daft chocolate Labrador called tia ❤️

I Love American country music , I’ll get married in cow boy boots but I also have a soft rock chick , bon jov , Guns & roses type of kick to me too .. I love tattoos dancing and knocking back a few shots on a night out . My 2 favourite things Dr Pepper & Cadbury cream eggs and as long as I have my face on In the morning I can just about survive anything

I love the beach .. the woods camping and holidays to be fair as long as I’m out I’m happy 😃 .. Gypsy blood and a left hook too (although it’s been a few years )

I have a sensible caring side that’s almost too grown up 🙈 that seems to shine through more often then not must be getting wiser in my old age but I’m super caring and thoughtful my best quality I think ..

I’ve just turned the other side of 36 and to be fair never felt more like I know myself then just lately .. It took me lots of inner work and some tough coaching to get me to where I am today .. But I’m so glad I put the work in to really figure out who and what I want for myself ...

This has led me on to finding an unbelievable passion for coaching and helping other people ... Building my business up gradually

When you start a journey in to self discovery or a path to change your life

and I mean really change your life

it become a massive rollercoaster of emotions and there are some real hard days .. It’s going to cost you. You tend to lose people along the way ... Habits and Stories and come to realise what’s holding you back and not helping you become the person you were intended to be

What’s keeping your fearful ... Hurting ... hidden away ... Lost and Overwhelmed

It’s a path of finding out Who exactly you are ? What your capable off ? What your true values are and what the fuck is it you really want 🤷‍♀️

The important thing tho is to identify with yourself and take Responsibility for your own Growth & Development

Through prioritising Me ,I have found a Happiness , Calmness passion and Freedom ( except for bloody lockdown🙈)

I can parent my girls better .. I can show up for my friend’s and family and actually be present with them when THEY need me instead of the other way around. I can run a business and be a single mum on a part time basics well I work through things to build a strong foundation in my relationship and room to teach and impact other peoples lives for the better 💕

It all started with one decision and enough is enough ... I wanted to change my life my fears , my beliefs and my own behaviour habits and actions

I wanted More and I wanted better !! 🤷‍♀️

So if You want to change your life Change your life. Be unapologetic for how you want your life to look , feel and be true to yourself

Now is your time 🌟and you will never be 100% ready but you have to trust the process and take the first step 🌟

You deserve to be your happiest self

The season is changing why not move with it

Hey mama ... who are you ?

#selfacceptance #lifestyle #coaching #identity

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