The costs

So this is the part why so much , Right? 

Well let me ask you this ... imagine living your happiest life doing the things that you love to do all the time. 

Imagine having the Confidence to be the person you always wanted to be.

Imagine Building a Business you always wanted, or strive to achieve the most success.

What about  working in a job that gives you total freedom to fit around your lifestyle.

What if you had the mental strength to face any of lifes' challenges head  on and being completely focused driven and beautiful inside out.

What if all your aspirations really did come true and you became unstoppable !

What price would you put on that ?

My coaching packages all come  

with the ability to do just that providing you put the work in and really want to achieve A change.

I can help you can unlock your abilities to make this happen and give you the tools to help you progress higher.

I have studied and invested so much in to my career as a Self Empowerment Coach that my growing Knowledge and Experience is worth the prices i charge 

i enjoy  helping women to transform their lives to become the unstoppable resilient empowered lady that i think every lady should be despite what story they have 

By Investing into themselves they show they are really ready to take control and step in to power Just the same way that i did 

My studies and Teachings are my tools my very own tool box and together they are a powerful source but as a business i too have investments and requirements to pay out ...

But its never about the money for me its always about the joy and feelings i get for helping other women which is why i offer my 30 day money back guarantee 

I will also offer  all packages with an affordable payment plan to suit your budget. 

So talk to me and i will do my best to accommodate your needs 

Putting a Price on Investing in your self , Your Future & your life 

Is the most possibly the biggest  investment you can ever make 

How committed are you to yourself ? 


Money back Guarantee

I  always offer a full 100 % money back guarantee with all my coaching packages for your piece of mind 

If for some reason you are unhappy with the service then as long as you have shown up and put the work in to all the sessions i will refund you within the 30 days. No questions asked 

I want to give you the best service possible

its not really about the money for me but  more about helping people grow to the person they deserve to be and helping really make a difference to someones life 

i get life changing results for all my clients and this is what i pride my business on ...

So you have everything to gain by pushing yourself forward and trying 

So feel safe and secure in the knowledge there is a money back guarantee