Get UP Glow UP , Wonder Warrior 

A 7 Day Course designed to get you up & Motivated

 Empower & Create a life of design Inspiration & Build the strength to take it. 

You are owed a Life of magic and Impact Soul Purpose 

Are you Lacking in direction , Overthinking what needs to be done ,procrastinating on the next steps or holding yourself back through fear , lazyness or negative thinking & no clear thinking?

With Goal setting , Strategy and some kick ass coaching you can build the blueprint to your goals and go after that next level up success... 

Take action with clear decisions  &  build your knowledge & skill set 

Manage your time and energy in a more productive way 

Learn to take care of you & prioritise whats important 

Build and fixate your boundaries, clear Instructions & firm decisions on your true goals & set a blueprint of action steps to get you kick started 

Tackle the negative thinking & learn to appreciate your time freedom & energy 

Empower yourself, your money and your relationships by taking action boosting ya motivation alongside your confidence 

and get shit done. 

Based on the 6 steps to neurological change - Coaching and NLP techniques 

Take back your power & Glow up Warrior Women 

Get UP & Glow UP Warrior Women
with Vicki Lienna Self Empowerment Coach


Goal slashing Ass Kicking Empowerment

Course Structure 

Day 1 - What you desire / Strengths & Weaknesses / the why & the how 

Day 2. What to do differently? Action Steps/ Planning & Decisions 

Day 3.  Empowerment Exercises/ Strength building/Skill set & Incentives

Day 4. Fear breaking /beliefs breaking / dealing with obstacles & Challenges 

Day 5. Taking Care of You ? Attitude to Gratitude 

Day 6. Strategy Set /Ownership/ Blue print Results 

Day 7 - Live Group Coaching Call via Zoom for Interactive feedback Q&A and Support 

Whats Included 

60 min interactive lives daily 

Power Point Presentation 

24/7 email or message support 

Workbook & Tasks 

zoom group call 

Free private facebook group 


Set the wheels in Motion ... Get Set Get Going

Strength & Empowerment Entwine 

Special  first time Introductory offer 

          only £27.00

usual price will be £99.00



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