Thought Based Coaching

Essence of Soul 

Are You living with ?

Low confidence or self worth?


Are you overwhelmed by fear of the future self doubt or limiting beliefs?

Is this holding you back in keeping you trapped in past situations?


Do you lack motivation  goal setting or direction?


Are you still playing victim to past traumas?


 Are you lonely, tired and overwhelmed? 


This is simply the most powerful conversation you could have,

it is a 60 min clarity call that will meet you half way on your journey.

 Show up where your at, in your own state and current lifestyle living.

Together we will work out what is holding you back or challenging you most at this time.

What needs to change and how i can help.

 This will give you an idea on what having a coach, will be really like and feel like to you

 it will be able to give you some value.

We can work out  a road map on what our coaching sessions will focus on , timescales & how to get the most from your sessions.

 This will  help you design a life you don't want to run away from,give you the confidence to step out of your comfort zone to take action or help you build a business to support it. 


Coaching & Me 

Help for Your Life


So why can i help 

They say having experience in something is beneficial ,

Well i have had the experience ... I have been in a black hole , suffering with my depression & anxiety 

Suffering with a condition called PMDD that effects my emotions and hormonal balance 

I have played victim to my own life and my own trauma for 36 years.

I have lived through

childhood truma

abuse ,

bullying at school,

no education ,

runaway at 14

I was a single mum by the age of 16 

and again at 26 with 3 children ,

I was widowed at 26 ,

 had to rebuild my life from scratch with 3 children & move 200 miles away to do it

Now that is experience.

I was at breaking point , 

I had to make changes to become something more then my past kept me... 

I also hired my own coach  to help me find my own answers & figure out what needed to change  

I invested in myself , changed 

my attitude and rediscovered who i was again. 

I found coaching to be such a super power and a growing passion that i wanted to pass that on to my clients . its like gold dust .... the magic 

Im not here to judge my clients journey i am here to support love and be with them in a space that my clients can be seen & heard and listened too in a safe environment 

I help my clients who have been in similar circumstances rise and begin to heal from the inside  

I have a unique caring and understanding approach to coaching my clients.

I can really sense the empathy of a struggled  and traumatic past.

Allowing me to really be in the moment  with my client and give them the space and time to really focus.

With the right tools i can help you really dig deeper to overcome everything that is holding you back 

I work daily on my mindset , gratitude and daily routines to keep myself in the right energy 

This will undeniably give you as a client the full benefit and attention you need to be able to sit with your self and the strength to face your demons 

Giving You the confidence to be able to become the best version of yourself 

Read all about me in my story and learn about the reason behind my success

My Style & Qualification

I am a busy mum in business running 2 successful online and offline businesses 

With 4 Children & 2 step children. 

I have consistently set up new business to teach how to run a business online as well as how to align your self with coaching 

I am a life design & business coach  using strategy and goal setting to design a road map for your future 

I am a fully accredited Nlp practitioner & life coaching with the International coaching federation 

And also qualified wedding planner & business management 

I am an Inner warrior

So combining all my knowledge , life experience and learning in to simple coaching packages to help you 

Combine yours with strategies , empowerment and confidence to fly 

Life Design & Business coach is perfect 

Every  Coach has a coach 

Every business needs Support 

Every Life deserves the best 

Everything that i have learnt over the years all the mistakes i have made and all the obstacles i have overcome 

Im here to help you to skip that part & become in true right an inner warrior and a Soul led success 

My style 

I work with Action plans and Goal settings with in each session

I will introduce you to the world of thought provoking question well sitting with you in your space to just be you 

In order to bridge the gap between not knowing what to do next to achieving the next steps final outcomes and visions you see for yourself. On a more deeper level 

We will work on emotions & feelings in depth to align these within 

I use questioning and strategy planning along side my caring nature, fun personality. I have fun activities, law of attraction , journal ling , money manifestation gratitude soul searching 

Combined with Business planning , sales, strategy , content creation , branding & marketing 

We work together to craft exactly what you need - whether that be within  just your life or life & business

Want to change your Life

So are you ready to change your life? 

Building a life or Business can be lonely 

Parenting can be lonely 

Anixety & Depression can be lonely 

Self Destruction can be lonely 

Fear (of anything) can be lonely 

Having a creative mind can be lonely

We all get lost and overwhelmed at tines and sometimes feel Lonely. But taking the first step and asking for help is the most admirable move you could make. 

Maybe you dont feel lost but you KNOW something has to change evolve and grow. So its time to step in to your power.




The costs

So this is the part when you ask how much , Right? 

Well let me ask you this ... imagine living your happiest life doing the things that you love to do all the time. 

Imagine having the Confidence to be the person you always wanted to be.

Imagine Building a Business you always wanted, or strive to achieve the most success.

What about  working in a job that gives you total freedom to fit around your lifestyle.

What if you had the mental strength to face any of lifes' challenges head  on and being completely focused driven and beautiful inside out.

What if all your aspirations really did come true and you became unstoppable !

What price would you put on that ?

My coaching packages all come  

with the ability to do just that providing you put the work in and really want to achieve A change.

I can help you can unlock your abilities to make this happen and give you the tools to help you progress higher.

i offer a range of suitable programs at an affordable rate from a bespoke  personal session to a Full Group support and accountability 

  (see my services for more info) 

I will also offer  all packages with an affordable payment plan to suit your budget. 

So talk to me and i will do my best to accomadate your needs 

Putting a Price on Investing in your self , Your Future & your life 

Is the most possibly the biggest  investment you can ever make 

How committed are you to yourself ? 


Money back Guarantee

I  always offer a full 100 % money back guarantee with all my coaching packages for your piece of mind 

I will work with you every step of the way to make sure you are succeeding and moving forward with each session & that each session is serving you well 

If for some reason you are unhappy with the service then as long as you have shown up and put the work in to all the sessions i will refund you within the 30 days. No questions asked 

To date this has never happened to me but there may come a time when i am unable to help.

I want to give you the best service possible

 its not really about the money for me but  more about helping people grow to the person they deserve to be and helping really make a difference to someones life 

i get life changing results and amazing results for all my clients and this is what i pride my business on ...

So you have everything to gain by pushing yourself forward and trying 

So feel safe and secure in the knowledge there is a money back guarantee 


What can you expect 

After as well as During ,My bespoke Essence of soul  sessions or intensive days

you will maybe start to question yourself , your feelings, the way you react to certain things. You will feel the awareness surrounding your decisions and where exactly your barriers are coming from. 

This is totally normal and Important 

Visiting this will lead you on to discover hidden answers and desires from your sub conscious to what you really want .. what are you not telling yourself or letting youself be? 

The sessions will also focus on how and what you can do to move you steps forward each week to your ultimate goal or desire 

Well you can be sure its going to be an emotional roller coaster at times , Challenging your inner self  and  setting lots of Action taking.

Im very strong on goal setting each week along with affirmations for the week too 

 You will find as we work through the stages of each session you will begin to feel a shift in perspective. 

A deeper sense of calmness, 

A mastery of your behaviour and actions.


You will start to show a knew found belief in yourself and your abilities.

Recognise more Confidence and be able to anchor it 

Grow in Self worth with in you.self and set boundaries for you & others 

Know your worth again 

All these shifts in your mindset will give you clarity ,heightened  your


To be able to feel the empowerment  begin  the steps Take action to achieve your chosen desired road-map 

I have the tools , the contacts , the knowledge to get you and your business fully aligned working together and built from scratch if needed 

Just imagine what you could build with that power behind you 

Sat on the Rocks
Meditation by the Sea
Happy Hiking
Fall Foliage








What is coaching?

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