My Story 

I Am Enough 

Hello ladies for those who don’t know me let me introduce myself ..

I am Vicki Lienna Self Empowerment coach & Confidence Mentor

I am 37 accredited coach & nlp master practitioner and have qualified in hypnotherapy & trauma alongside business training's

I am a mum of 4 beautiful girls & step mum to 2 amazing girls .. I love my dog my life & my business

Coffee & tattoo lover , rock n roll chick at heart .. I love Roast dinners , family walks , Sundays & my family is my world 🌎

My mission is to

Empower as many women to build their dreams ,find inner strength & confidence with self Empowerment to dream bigger & achieve emotional, financial & soul success

I am founder of the Inner Warrior Soul Empowerment group & Brand on fb

I run 3 successfully businesses

My life Coaching , Home Maintenance & face painting these are my passions 🖤

And I’ve grown them from scratch over the past 3 years ..

I can’t wait to get started & share with you ladies my knowledge my power & my strength

After struggling with my own confidence for many years & hitting breakdown point struggling with past traumas from such an early age , my mental health and victim mindset ..

I have suffered with childhood trauma ,bullying , leaving home & school at 14 , teenage pregnancy, late miscarriage , became a widow at 23 , A single parent , & having my own mental Health issues being diagnosed with PMDD

To name a few -

After 34 years I broke down and had no self worth , couldn’t look in the mirror , body dysphoria & I felt broken with no hope for the future who cried a lot 🤦‍♀️

I became a very weak lady who thought she was strong - (i was not strong I was a mess , defensive & full of anger & resentment against the world and self sabotage herself ) crying and breaking down daily

But in reality

It was having no confidence, no self worth , no identity & I was suffering with grief & abandonment issues , and trauma related problems

I was stuck in the story of my past , playing victim to the trauma & emotions that kept me trapped

I have speant the last 18 months rebuilding my love for me , my acceptance & my mindset

changing my self in many ways transforming my thinking , the empowerment

developing my own well being & skills to become a better person & design a life I absolutely love ❤️

I started my own transformation & healing journey with my own coach & started off a new venture

Learning to become strong from within and stand in my confidence

Going after my own achievements , pushing my limits and always being able to put me and my family first ,

I am still Growing & still Learning , and I am still healing in places

Transformation it’s a forever process u never stop learning


I want to give back and share the same techniques & learnings I have used to step up & level up my life

And become the person I am today .. THIS IS ME 🙌

And why I feel so much love for what I do , why I created my Inner Warrior brand and why it is So Important to me to teach

Empowerment Strength & Confidence

Knowing your Self worth , Capabilities & self determination!!

Changes your perception, changes your life

It really works !! It worked for me

Love and light always

Vicki Lienna 🖤