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I Am Enough 

hey guys

Welcome to the about me section i am Vicki-Lienna Self Empowerment Coach

For the past 12 months i have been on an incredible journey In building a business through the depths of life coaching.

I have become a Fully International Accredited Life coach ,NLP Practitioner & Training in my NLP masters with The coaching Masters University

I am also Training in Trauma Specialist , CPTSD Training, Hypnotherapy & Hypnosis & Grief & Bereavement counselling

i have also studied and Completed my business start up & launch program

Wow what a year for study

and a passion to be the best version of myself

Coaching has opened up many doors for me that i would never of dreamed possible. its given me a sense of purpose, Fulfilment and value.

Well giving me back my seance of finding my self worth, Regaining my confidence and ability to really become someone i wanted to be , and find the real me . i have built up my fantastic coaching business along the way ..

I can coach you on areas of your life that you may find holding you back , Trauma release coaching from emotional traumas that have built up over your life. That are keeping you stuck and trapped in the past.

I help women to become more then that story and become more then the past by helping them break the circles and take back control.

Finding their Inner warrior strength And leading from a Soul _Led power.

Helping them to achieve unstoppable self belief , Confidence and Self worth growing ,

Helping build a life with direction & Clarity and stepping in to the person they were meant to be

i using forward thinking questions , thought provoking and deep thinking tools , strategies and powerful mind re-framing techniques

All these help you find the answers that you are looking for from with in yourself ... challenging any barriers that may be holding you back, Changing the emotions & feelings you are displaying because of the trauma that is stuck in your head.

Taking action and using strategy planning to move you forward in the direction you need to head.

Building up a more confident powerful You ...

Design the life you want and develop the Confidence to go after it ....

Letting the magic take over

Last year things couldn’t be more different for me , i was living through a terrible darkness & deep depression caused by all the trauma i had faced over the years The build up of one thing after another.

i had spent so many years living with traumatic events in my life as far back as my early childhood ..

My life was one big episode of Eastenders never ending. It always felt like chaos , destructive and like a tower crumbling to the ground.

Back in 2010, I lost my partner and children's dad to a tragic accident that left me broken , i became a single mum of 3 , lost my only known security and stability that id faced in my entire life. My family , My happiness , my life was never set to be the same again. Not only did i have my own grief to deal with but i had 3 children's on top. I wasn't allowed to break i had to keep strong and keep going. Which is exactly what i did

Through all the feelings of loss , anger , blame , abandonment and new identity feelings and re building my life from scratch.

I have felt bouts of depression for along time in my life going back to childhood ,

Dealing with anxiety that i never realised i had ,,,i was then diagnosed with with a condition called pmdd that makes me in to someone else for 10 days of a month.

A mental health condition that comes from originally having depression ...

This condition means that i suffer every month with anxiety , deep thinking negative thoughts , suicidal thoughts not to mention all the physical symptoms it brings brain fog, confusion , awareness, pains the list goes on for many women who suffer with pmdd.

I have found that using mindset & coaching has really eased the symptoms most months depending on whats going on in my life. But me I keep going its not breaking me

I Came from a broken home , growing up with not much stability or security in place without my mum and dad around at times ,

I never really new my real dad and grew up with a step dad for a few years - I remember that being the only stable few years of my childhood my belief system from what a family is really like to have.

I grew up being on social services & nspcc at risk registers ,

due to alot of trauma related issues with my parents. I grew up with out my brother who was brought up in a step family and i didn't see my other brother & sister for 17 years due to these reasons.

And im 36 years old and have the bear min contact with my dad who has never been around

I was bullied at school for many years , not liked or expected other girls use to take an instant dislike to me and then my problems would start at every high school i went to ,

and there was a few. I moved around all my life so never settled anywhere to make lasting friendships didn't really fit in to the crowds.

I was a feisty tear away after not having the best relationship with my mum

i made myself homeless, dropped out of school with no education by the age of 14 ,

and a single mum by the age of 16.

This was a struggle back then a child looking after a child in my first home living alone.

it was never easy and i battled with no money , no job prospects, my mental health was a mess & i had no clue what i was doing.

Although she did have her dad and family.

This little one my pride and joy these days kept me from a life of downward spiral in to the dark side of life , drugs and bad people. She was always my reason to keep going

I have been a single mum 3 times over.

My Current Relationship for the past 7 years has had its ups and downs but is faced with trauma .... my own build up of traumas but also my partners traumas. Again he has had a life full of traumatic events and lives with CPTSD and addiction.

For many years this has gone un noticed but the same negative patterns kept circling our life together and at times has had some massive detrimental effects on both our mental health.

At times this has been extremely overwhelming, hard to deal with , constant struggling and despair ,

we have spent many years trying and trying to overcome issues within us both and battle the drink addiction and our actions & behaviour patterns,

again trying to keep my whole family together to support and grow - I kept going

over the years i have lost many friends and family , i have made very bad decisions in my life , , My wedding, My degree , Lost businesses , Houses , Money and nice things

all through Self Sabotage and the belief i was never deserving of a happy life but again i kept going

... Always everyone strength , support and tower to lean on

My life was one big mess , and i felt like i was always the main character and my story was on repeat ...

Repeated actions , Repeated talking, Repeated pain and hurt . Repeated circles

I ended up so low and depressed last year that i crashed and burned without even realising that i was heading down that path

i found myself lost, crying and numb to the core after weeks of walking around like a crying zombie and losing all track of my days and weeks by sitting and starting out of a window all day untill my girls came home from school.

Then i felt like i was Auto pilot

I felt worthless and felt like i was nothing not important to anyone and had lots of times wondering why i even existed in this world

why was i here? i use to ask myself for what.

My kids always seemed to be my answer i was so low but i was too scared to tell people as i couldn't see it ... i needed help but wouldn't even accept the fact i needed help

I had no confidence, i hated the sight of myself and often couldn’t bear to look in a mirror or a photo.they all got deleted .

i was always thinking Everyone hated me, and i was a joke... i was nothing

One day i decided something had to change and fast i couldn't carry on like this anymore ....

i cried and cried on my way home from the school run one morning to hear this song on the radio

“come and fly away ... to a place where we can be any one we wanna be “ tom walker

how his words hung on to my tears the lyrics to the song just filled me heart i wanna fly away and be someone anyone but not me ...

i sat with my thoughts and i looked in the car mirror that was it i can be anyone i wanted to be and if i didnt want to be me then i would be someone else a new me a bigger vision of me

Omg how far away that all seems now ... but i can still feel the pain like it was yesterday

The Darkness i called it...... But i did come back from it ,what seemed impossible at the time soon made me stronger i stood up and i fought harder ..

I turned my pain into anger , my anger in to motivation and my motivation in to success

My life became fixated on self love quotes and self help books ... I found the law of attraction and i focused daily on gratitude ...

i soon found coaching and signed up to a coach myself

TCM - The coaching masters ... wow my life has done a complete 360 after starting this course ...

like i said earlier it took me to places that i thought were never there and that i always thought i had dealt with ,

i faced up to traumas realisations within myself and finally i admitted and accepted the things that i was doing. How my actions an behaviours were stopping me from living a life of happiness .

The limiting beliefs i had that was keeping me in a pattern of torment.

The circles that repeated because i let them by not understanding what i was worth or how to break them.

.. i became so self aware and i worked really fucking hard to re-frame my thought patterns and change them to challenge my own mind . I Stopped blaming others for my reactions and took charge of my own control and i stopped playing Victim to yet another traumatic story ...

I began a real journey of Self Discovery ...

I have now become an Unbreakable version of me to say the least i am confident i know what i want from my life and i am kind fierce and i live by my values & set boundaries finally after 36 years ...

My growth and light became so powerful that its almost unstoppable .. I found my super power and shit it was hard ... but it has given me my self worth calmness and a purpose .

i found my super power, i own my super power and i am finally happier and content.

I have given me & the girls the stability and security that i always longed for.

Good bye to rejection , abandonment , and not been good enough fears .....

I look forward to waking up in the morning. I get excited for what my day brings the people i get to talk too the experiences i will have and i am so grateful for every little detail that kept me going i love my life and my business alongside it.

Im so glad i woke up that day in the car

The person i have become .....

The coaching business i have built ..... The facebook tribe i have Created ...

And the Knowledge i have learnt ...

My capabilities have grown so much

The people all over the world that i am helping....

I wanted to give other women in similar situations the chance to change the life and step outside of the box....

I have many clients change there Lives .that i am helping to change every day to become the best version of them selves .

Eliminate and Impact the old versions and stories

i have butterflies in my belly every time a client achieves a goal or step we have action planned i want to shout it from the roof tops.

See to me its not about the money its about the satisfaction and passion i have to really impact a persons soul and be their guiding light out of the darkness in to the light.

As i feel it and have experienced the impact that living with emotional trauma can have to your own mental well being and this is My New Story

My brand new page ... Of my brand new book .... begins with a blank page

and guess what I am Most definitely Enough ...

And so are you

Keep Smiling

lots of love Vicki- Lienna



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